This is the final segment of my world cruise with three weeks to go. We have a love story on our ship. A women named Betsy lost her husband to a heart attack on this very same Ship in February, 2016 on their world cruise. She returned to our ship in New York in January, 2019 to finally take her world cruise. She met Bob who was an overland truck driver living in New York City. He had just retired having never married and was taking his first world cruise. Bob and Betsy became very good friends and before long were doing everything together.

Three days ago, Bob had a heart attack at breakfast. We had just pulled into Bordeaux. Betsy, a physical therapist, was with Bob when he passed out having no pulse. The emergency care was quick and efficient and Bob was taken to the hospital where he had two stents placed. The next morning Bob had a second heart attack while in the hospital ICU. Betsy and another friend stayed with Bob during this crisis.

On the third day Bob was still in the ICU but he was feeling much better. Bob proposed to Betsy and she said yes.

Since I have been to London a few times and have seen many of the surrounding sites, I chose to walk around the port of SOUTHHAMPTON in the old town. This was my day for a hair cut and manicure. The remainder of the day I spent relaxing in my room with my balcony door open listening to the seagulls

We are taking the Titanic route to New York. LIVERPOOL is our next port and well known as the birthplace of the Beatles. Of course I had to get my official Beatles magnet and T-shirt. It was fun to walk around and enjoy the energy of this city. We have had lots of live music on the ship playing Beatles music. They were my favorite group as a teenager.

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND along the coast is one of the most visited areas in the United Kingdom. The Belfast Castle represents life past. The Game of Thrones’ film studio is in Belfast and many areas were used in the HBO series.

The division called the Troubles dominated Northern Irelands politics for decades starting from the 1960s. Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods are separated by a wall. The gates are locked every night at 7p and unlocked at 7a. The Catholics now outnumber the Protestants. Murals cover buildings honoring heroes who have been killed or played a significant role in the disputes.

I was here in August 2016 so I took a hop-on hop-off bus and had fish and chips. Saturday afternoon was party time in Belfast.

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