DUBLIN is Ireland’s capital city and has been going through a redevelopment in the last few decades. Along side the townhouses, castles, monuments and pubs are grand new hotels, shopping centers, new street architecture and a state of the art tramway system. As Eddie McDonald (my tour guide in 2015 and 2016) put it, young people want to live in modern homes.

This my 4th trip, so I just walked around town and went to Bud’s favorite bar, Gogartys to have a Guinness and listen to Irish music. Bud and I stayed at the Temple Bar Hotel.

COBH is our last stop in Ireland. Even though I have been here twice, I have not walked through the little seaport town. I visited the Heritage Center that contains a maritime museum that depicts life in Ireland in the 19th and early 20th centuries. My pub lunch was great and I loved the little shops. There was a small casino in the town and I donated 10 euros.

During our walk about the town we passed a group of school children on an outing. There was a teacher in front and one in the back of the group. The teacher in the back said “DO WE HAVE EVERYONE WE CAME WITH, GIVE OR TAKE”. It was the funniest statement I have heard to date.

ST. JOHN’S NEWFOUNDLAND is one of the oldest English-founded cities in North America. There are rows of colorful Victoria rowhouses. Atlantic puffins thrive in these waters. I barrowed these pictures for this section because I was here before and saw these things. I just walked around the town this trip.

SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA is an excellent starting point to explore the magnificent scenery of Cape Breton Island. The culture is diverse with French, Irish and British and other European immigrants. Scottish influence is the strongest because the area looks like the Scottish Highlands. We docked on Canada Day with locals celebrating similar to our Fourth of July. I took a ship tour out into the country side seeing the Bras D’Or Lakes and Alexander Graham Bell Museum.

HALIFAX is the capital city in Nova Scotia. It is the second largest national harbor in the world and the busiest seaport on the east coast of the Atlantic. I took a harbor cruise to see the landscape and had a Fundy lobster from the bay. WE pulled in lobster traps with 4 1/2 pound lobsters. This is beautiful country and I have really enjoyed the scenery.

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