Saint John is our port city with a ring of rocky bluffs, coves and peninsulas surrounded by a deep natural harbor where the Saint John and Kennebecasis Rivers empty into the Bay of Fundy. St. John’s most unique natural attraction is the Reversing Falls Rapids at Fallsview Park. This phenomenon is caused by the Bay of Fundy’s tide which rises more than 28 feet in the course of the day. As the tide rises, the water begins to churn in a series of powerful rapids and whirlpools until the river actually flows backwards. The wildlife was spectacular.

NEW YORK is an adrenaline charged city for me. I really could live there if I had a lot of money. Because we were there the day after the 4th, the city was full of families. I have been craving meatloaf for a while and a New York diner filled the bill right down the mushroom gravy.

Lisa and I saw Frozen at the Saint James Theater for a matinee which was full of children. Our last row seats on the floor came with adult booster seats. The music was electric and I wish I had more time to see additional shows. A trip to the One World Trade Center and the 9/11 memorial was emotional but very satisfying. I was there 7 years ago before it was completed. A rose is placed on the name when it is their birthday.


One of my favorite activites on the ship in the evening is listening to the strings after dinner. I am feeling withdraw from this life I have experienced for 161 days. I will be doing my own laundry and cooking my meals but where am I going to hear this wonderful music.

An end to a beautiful love story, Betsey and Bob got back onto the ship in Halifax after Bob was cleared due to his heart attack. Betsey and Bob got married on August 9th on the ship with everyone invited. Rings were purchased in New York. It was a wonderful story for everyone to watch for six months.

4 thoughts on “New Brunswick, New York, Bermuda and HOME

  1. Typos in NY section:
    – a n
    – diner vs dinner

    Have loved reading your blogs while taking your trip of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing.

    Call when you are home 💕

    Jeannine Ralston

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your around the world experiences! I’m sure it will be quite the adjustment back to “usual” life. I hope someday I get to go to all the wonderful places you took pictures of!

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